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CV Tips

Making a resume? If the answer is yes, here are some angles that you may wish to consider...


There is a great deal of difference between a standard CD and an executive's resume. As an executive, there will be much more that is expected of you and your resume has to reflect that you are up to the challenge to deliver the goods. This way, it will position you in the mind of the employer who is ready to groom you.
You have to present yourself as successfully as possible. The entire market is your arena and you have to play it in such a way that you receive maximum attention. Think of your prospective employers as buyers of your product and target only those why you think suitable. In writing an executive resume, remember that your prospective employer is not going to look at what you have already done, but what you can do. Therefore your major focus must not be on past achievements.
Keep the resume short and to the point. Two pages is enough. Make it easy to read - no fancy fonts please! Resumes are scanned in less than 50 seconds, so you want most of it to make the right impression.
A lot of headhunters recommend that you so more than talk about your accomplishments. An employer is looking for very specific, qualified background information. So, you could present a proposal in addition to your resume that outlines your ideas to take the company further.
Draw a list of a least 10 companies, broken down into what they could offer you and what you could give them. Jobs can be created for the right people and if you have the ability to market yourself successfully, then the position could be yours whether or not an opening exists in the company.
Good luck!